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Temporary Email Addresses

Create a one time email address that self destructs after 2 hours.

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What is WZCMail.com?
We offer temporary email addresses

With a temporary email address you can avoid all the potential spam hitting your main inbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using a temporary email will prevent your primary inbox from filling up with unwanted emails. If you're looking to get a quote from a company but don't want to be contacted, this is a perfect solution.

There is no limit to how many email addresses you can create however, you can only use one at a time, if you create a new one your previous email address and all associated emails will be removed.

Email addresses will last for 2 hours, after this time they are deleted and all email contents are removed as well.

Once email addresses are deleted, all emails associated with the address are removed and can not be recovered.

Each email address is given 15MB of storage.

We do not maintain any information from any email or email address after it is deleted.

We do not track any use of this service. No usage logs are stored and once your email address is deleted all emails are permanently removed with it.

We collect minimal information (such as IP and browser type) of the device you're using to create your email. This is to keep you connected to the email in order to use this service. Once your address is deleted all connected information is permanently deleted with it.